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Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The Academy for Design and Construction (ADC) at Union High School introduces students to the study of design and construction - integrated within a rigorous and relevant core curriculum that will enhance their mastery of academic skills and content. The Academy for Design and Construction will increase a student's ability to think, critically analyze information, express uniqueness, and gain relevant knowledge that will prepare him/her for long-term success. In addition to integrating the themes of design and construction throughout the curriculum, ADC exposes students to real world design examples and actual construction sites. After 4 years, students will be prepared to succeed in college and beyond or transition to the world of work while appreciating and understanding the environment that surrounds and shapes them.


The Academy for Design and Construction appeals to students with an interest in architecture, engineering design, and construction by enriching its academic program with the active involvement of professionals and partnerships with institutions and universities. The mentoring program with industry professionals in our community is one of the cornerstones of the unique ADC program.


Mentoring Program: The mentoring program is in need of mentors to continue the success of this program. Mentors can represent any number of disciplines in the architecture, engineering, and construction industries. This program is a one-year commitment beginning with the incoming freshman class, with the hope that the experience will lead to an ongoing opportunity as mentoring continues in Grades 10 through 12.  Mentors meet with 2 to 3 students for 1 hour in a structured session led by an ADC instructor twice a month.


Each student enrolled in the Academy for Design and Construction will have access to an industry-based mentor; for this reason, we need your help!  Please consider volunteering as a mentor or suggest to someone you know!


For more information, please contact:

Misty Stallworth, Assistant Principal

Academy for Design and Construction, Union High School