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Architect's Political Action Committee

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Ralph Moxley, AIA
Sunday, August 17, 2014


In 2012, the AIA Michigan Board approved the establishment of a separate Architect’s Political Action Committee to provide financial support to those Michigan lawmakers that support legislation beneficial to Michigan architects.  APAC takes a non-partisan approach:  we support democrats, republicans, and independents who have demonstrated their support for our goals and objectives.  The APAC bylaws require that we focus on state elections only--not local or national elections.  This is because state law affects the practice of architecture, not local laws.

A key goal of APAC is to be responsive to campaign funding requests that come in from state legislature candidates.  APAC financially supported 18 state legislative campaigns in 2013.  Donations to state legislative campaigns were typically $250.  In 2013, APAC contributed a total of $6,050 to support friends of Michigan architects.  In 2014, we expect many more requests because this is an election year.

Kelley-Cawthorne, AIA Michigan’s lobbyist in Lansing, provides recommendations to APAC.  The key person at Kelley-Cawthorne is Melissa Yutzey.  She advises us on state legislators we should support financially based on action they have taken on legislation supported by AIAMI or who have voiced their support for AIAMI goals during their campaigns.  Melissa maintains records on all legislators and those bills affecting architects they have supported in the past.  AIAMI members who have attended Legislative Day know the depth of knowledge of Melissa and her ability to guide us in our support of AIA Michigan’s friends at the state level.

APAC coordinates their financial support efforts with the AIAMI Government Affairs Committee.  GAC supported approval of PA 162 of 2011, which reduced the statute of limitations for architects and engineers from six years to two years.  In 2012, the Government Affairs Committee worked to support PA 468, which prohibits public entities from requiring design professionals to indemnify the owners from the owner’s own negligence.  GAC supported PA 178 of 2013, which allows design professionals to submit drawings and specs electronically, including seal and signature.  GAC supported continuing education rules, which were approved in October 2013.  This past month, the Governor signed PA 193 of 2014, which deregulates interior designers.

Funding of the Architect’s Political Action Committee is made possible by personal donations made by AIA Michigan members.  We need your commitment and support to make the APAC system work.  Please help APAC by making a pledge at future AIAMI meetings or by just writing a personal check to Architect’s Political Action Committee.  If you have any questions, please contact APAC Board Chairman Ralph Moxley, AIA, at:  Ralph.Moxley@comcast.net