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AIAGR 2015 Honor Awards

Posted on: Mon, Jun 08, 2015




I am pleased to announce the 2015 AIA Grand Rapids Honor Awards program.  This year's program will be in October (date and location TBD).  More information is to come.

So what is new, and what is the same?

  • Submission requirements will be electronic (click the link below for Call for Entries).  We have split the submissions into two packages (Submission Part 1 is for the jury, and Submission Part 2 is for AIAGR use).  See Page 15 of the Call for Entries for complete submission requirements.  Concealed Project Identification Form and Registration and Entry Fee Form are included in the Call for Entries.
  • Entry fees for project submissions will be $350.
  • Entry fees for the unbuilt work submissions will be $50.
  • The chapter will be providing 1 award plaque for each of the projects that the jury awards (with the exception of the unbuilt projects).  If additional plaques are desired by the applicant, they will be notified prior to the event and given the opportunity to purchase additional plaques.
Entry Deadlines:
Friday, July 24, 5 p.m.:  Registration, entry fees, and Submission Part 1 (for jury use)
Friday, September 11, 5 p.m.:  Submission Part 2 (for AIAGR use) 
Please click the link for Call for Entries:   CALL FOR ENTRIES  

We hope your firm will consider entering a project in this year's awards program. 



Michael Belisle, AIA
2014/2015 President, AIA Grand Rapids