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AIAGR Annual Business Meeting/Opening of Election

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AIA Grand Rapids
Monday, April 16, 2018
Hello all and thank you for your continued support and involvement in the AIA Grand Rapids chapter.
Winter has come to a close, and AIA Grand Rapids is heading into another election season.  This means there are several opportunities for our members to join the board.  I urge you to consider the board positions (listed below) and step forward in service by seeking the positions yourself or nominating an individual (or individuals) you know would serve the chapter well.  Serving on the board is a great avenue for developing leadership skills, networking with professionals outside the walls of your firms, and taking ownership of our profession.
Each year our board works to maintain great programs and events for our membership while representing our chapter at the state and national level.  We typically meet monthly during lunchtime (taking July and August off) and volunteer additional time (as able) to staff events, attend conferences, and attend committee meetings.  Several of our board members' terms are expiring, and four individuals will be vacating the board.   These include Thom Danckaert (current past president), Andrew Queenan (current secretary), Ashley Dunneback (current associates director), and Ben Rambadt (current member services director).  I would like to thank these members for their service to our chapter and wish them well in their future endeavors.  Seeking re-election will be our public relations director, Jen Waugh, and our professional affiliates director, Elizabeth Bovard.   Following the elections, we will welcome a new vice president, as Matt Slagle (our current chapter VP) will assume the presidency, and Eric Biller will move to past president.
Update:  Thank you to those who have stepped forward as candidates for the open positions.  We have not yet had an associates director candidate step forward.  Please consider this opportunity which is open to associate AIA members as well as AIA members.  
Our nominations period will close during our annual business meeting, which will be at Kendall College (KCAD/WNF Building, 17 Pearl NW, 
Room 221,Grand Rapids, MI 49503) on May 8th, 2018, at 12 noon.  All AIA Grand Rapids members are invited to attend this meeting.
Therefore, we will soon be accepting nominations for the following positions:
Vice President (Partial Year 1)/President-Elect (Year 2)/Past President (Year 3):  2 1/2-Year Term 
(June 2018-December 2020)
       Vice Presidential Duties:
  • Will have opportunity to attend various conferences (paid by the chapter), including AIA Grassroots, AIA National Convention 'A18, and the AIA Michigan Leadership Retreat.
  • Assist the president with various duties (including AIA National and AIA Michigan issues and honor awards committee).
  • Perform duties of the president in the event of absence of the president.
  • Provide articles periodically for newsletters.
  • Assist with membership outreach.

       Presidential Duties (Following Term as Vice President):

  • The president shall exercise general supervision over the affairs of this chapter, except those matters placed by the bylaws or board of directors under the administration and supervision of the secretary and/or the treasurer.
  • Prepare board meeting agenda(s) and preside at meetings of the chapter and of the board of directors.
  • Appoint, with the concurrence of the board of directors, all committees and committee chairs.
  • Sign all contracts and agreements to which this chapter is a party.
  • Have charge of and exercise general supervision over the offices and employees of this chapter.
  • Shall perform all other duties usual and incidental to the office.
  • Implement program plan for presidential year.
  • The president shall act as spokesperson of this chapter and as its representative at meetings with other organizations and committees unless otherwise delegated by the board of directors.
  • Provide articles periodically for newsletters.
  • Preside at honor awards ceremony and honor awards committee meetings.
  • May have opportunity to attend various conferences (paid by chapter), including AIA Grassroots, AIA National Convention 'A18, and the AIA Michigan Leadership Retreat.

       Past Presidential Duties (Following Term as President):

  • Assure continuity of chapter strategy and assist with transition.
  • Maintain a voting position on the board.
  • Help to plan the annual golf outing.
  • Membership outreach.
  • Chair of honor awards committee.
  • Provide articles periodically for newsletters.
  • Assist the president with significant events (AIA National/Michigan issues).
  • May have opportunity to attend various conferences (paid by the chapter), including AIA Grassroots, AIA National Convention 'A18, and the AIA Michigan Leadership Retreat.


Secretary:  2 1/2-Year Term (June 2018-December 2020)

  • Oversee the recording correspondence of the chapter at the board of director meetings.
  • Maintain custody, safeguard, and keep in good order all property of the chapter as it relates to the duties of the secretary.
  • Issue all notices and sign all instruments and matters that require the approval of the chapter.
  • Prepare reports of the board of directors and this chapter in collaboration with the president.
  • Review minutes prepared by administrative assistant; sign and maintain them as a record of chapter business.
  • Keep the chapter membership roll.  Coordinate with the membership services director and president, who maintain the member database. 
  • Report changes in membership, as required, keeping the records of AIA National and AIA Michigan up to date and complete.
  • Review membership application submittals and forward them onto AIA Michigan.
  • Fill out and submit annually the State of Michigan nonprofit corporation information update with help from administrative assistant and treasurer.
  • Have custody of the chapter bylaws and keep the chapter seal.  


Membership Services Director:  2 1/2-Year Term (June 2018-December 2020)
  • Recruiting and retention of chapter members, associates, and professional affiliates by organizing outreach events during the year.
  • Liaison between members and AIA Michigan for membership coordination issues.
  • Assist the board in providing service and value to the membership.
  • Provide articles periodically for newsletters.
  • Key contact/liaison between members and the board for recruiting and retention of members, with assistance from the board.


Associates Director:  2 1/2-Year Term (June 2018-December 2020)
  • Represent associate AIA members at the board level.
  • Attend outreach lunches, board meetings, and various AIA functions.
  • Update ARE library.
  • Set up monthly associate program meetings for associates/YAF.  The program meetings are generally at architects' offices or building/site tours.
  • Provide articles periodically for newsletters.


Public Relations Director:  2 1/2-Year Term (June 2018-December 2020)
  • Act as AIAGR public relations director to promote involvement of members and the public in chapter-sponsored events.
  • Develop and maintain contacts with local media, including newspaper, television, and radio.
  • Work with AIAGR board to promote events, programs, and activities of AIAGR.
  • Direct preparation of advertising to promote AIAGR.
  • Coordinate the production of the online newsletter.  Articles provided by board members and others.


Professional Affiliates Director:  2 1/2-Year Term (June 2018-December 2020)
  • Held preferably by a professional affiliate, this position is intended to build the relationship, value, and purpose between AIA members and the affiliates.
  • Chair the AIAGR golf outing committee with assistance from committee members.
  • Provide articles periodically for newsletters.
Again, we want thank all AIA Grand Rapids based firms who have supported their team members' involvement with our organization.  I look forward to seeing who comes forward to help our board advance the profession of architecture in our community.
Please contact AIA Grand Rapids with any questions by emailing deborahdik@yahoo.com or calling 616.340.6200.
Eric Biller, AIAGR President
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