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AIAGR Lunch and Learn: Exterior Siding & VRF Heat Pump Systems

Event Date: 
Friday, September 20, 2019 - 11:30am to 1:30pm
Event Type: 
Lunch & Learn
Event Location: 
Applied Technology Center 151 Fountain NE Grand Rapids MI 49503 RM 106

First Hour Session:
The first hour will be presented by Ben Velzen a product specialist with Monsma Marketing.  Ben will present on a new siding product that is now available in Michigan that can used residentially or commercially.  This siding product has a triple composite of polymer resins, inorganic minerals and acrylic colorants.  It is extruded for superior dimensional strength and stability.   During the extrusion process a UV-stable color cap is added for outstanding fade-resistance.  This siding is avaliable in multiple colors and shapes and is low maintenance.  Evironmentally it is long lasting and fully recyclable materials that never requires painting or caulking.  There are no wood fibers and when cut there are no harmful dust particles.  There are no organic materials that can rot or be attacked by insects.  

Second Hour Session:
The 2nd hour will be presented by Jeremy LaRoche from Fujitsu.  Jeremy will present on VRF heat pump systems.  He will discuss advantages and disadvantages of this system for commercial projects and provide situations where this system might offer some advantages over more convential heating and cooling system.

Lunch will be provided. This lunch and learn is free to all current AIAGR members and students. Non-AIAGR members must pay $15 by credit card on Eventbrite.


If you sign up and cannot attend for any reason, please email Gary Gerber at gerber_arch@comcast.net so we can cancel your lunch.




***If you are Registering for a Group of guests, please make sure to select the Quantity of Tickets which correlates to your Group Size.  This will allow us to have a proper headcount when planning for our Lunch.***

Event Sponsor(s): 
Monsma Marketing Corporation